3.a The wildlife

We have already met the first specialists in chapter 2 and this chapter is only about the animal world.

Because of the (still) great biodiversity, however, only the most important analogies make sense and so we begin with ourselves, the human being.

Most people in the world live as self-producers, fishermen, ordinary workers or employees.
They are not at all disencissive, analogous to beetles, ants, insects,….
They form the society in the sense of nature and provide for the flora e.B. with the recovery and pollination of the flowers.

But there are also more dominant species and so I put financial investors with birds, for example.
Through their faeces, they provide the initial ignition of companies in which they distribute seeds. Like financial investors, they also eat the fruits of trees and shrubs (=dividend), even though they have not actively worked on the tree.
In most cases, they are not locally bound, but provide for the distribution of seeds across all companies.

Amazing how some analogies fit, right?

3.b be eaten and eaten