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We are expanding our offer and have opened a video channel on
Under he is available and we started directly with 5 videos (sorry, only in german language), which I would like to briefly explain here:

Why NatureEco is a simple but not radical solution.

In this video I go into the basic idea of NatureEco and why nature is the best of all economic models.
An ecological economic model is also often feared, as most people associate it with severe restrictions and radicalism. However, this is not the case with NatureEco.

NatureEco and the concrete effects on everyday life and companies

In this video I would like to show you a simple picture of the impact of NatureEco on the everyday life of us and some companies.

Why not other alternative economic models?

In principle, it is good to support other alternative and ecological economic models.
However, on closer inspection, the final economic order can only agree with NatureEco. All other models are intermediate steps or will not work under the current conditions.

NatureEco – three examples from chapter 4

This video explains the three examples from Chapter 4.
It describes more concretely what impact there will be on the lives of three professionals with NatureEco.

Support wanted – Help wanted

NatureEco depends on your support!
NatureEco needs your help!

Welcome to NatureEco!

The economic model for natural action.

Market economy with the aim of sustainable and responsible action for people, but completely under the conditions of nature.

No decision and no conflict of interest between nature and humans, but pure action based on nature enables the most sustainable of all economic models.

NatureEco creates the transformation, researches and explains the new economic order of the future in the simplest possible way.

The question is also not whether NatureEco or another economic model is selected, it’s only the “when”.
Ultimately, only natureEco’s approach, economic action completely embedded in nature, can be the final future of the economy.