4.d Example 2: Arthur

Arthur is 55, divorced and entrepreneur.

Arthur owns a factory for plastic toys and has tried to prevent the introduction of Natureeco.

It has not achieved it and has used the transitional period to restructure its business activities.

His plastic toys account for only half of his sales. Due to the high tax, sales are falling and so Arthur has bet on wooden toys as an additional product range in good time.

He is really proud of his new foundation of the certified mediation of CO2 certificates. It has leased large areas of forest in Patagonia and guarantees the natural production of oxygen.

He also uses some of the help to reduce his corporate and private taxes. The use of natural resources and the professional disposal now play a decisive role in the calculation of taxes.

Overall, Arthur is still not a friend of Natureeco, but he has taken advantage of the transition phase and opened up a new business area.

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