Whats next

It’s necessary to expand NatureEco and the knowledge how to buil a natural ecosytem.
For this, however, it is not enough to address all interested parties with a few publications and videos. Unfortunately, we no longer have the time and must at least try bigger and with more resources.

Therefore, until further notice, all funds will flow into push up NaturEco with PR and marketing.

In addition, we set up further projects in which donations or sponsors can also be made directly:

  1. Start-up Institute: With at least 4 employees, we want to enable the research of NatureEco and concrete catalogues of measures.
    Financial requirements: approx. 300,000 euros per year
  2. Start-up Biosphere: Complete life in harmony with nature has already been attempted with Biosphere 2 in Arizona. We don’t want to and don’t have to go that far.
    However, having your own building with a large glass annex for a life with nature would be a great goal. The glass cultivation should also enable an aboretum for exotic plants and enable research purposes independent of air travel.
    In the sense of NatureEco as a worldwide economic model.
    Construction costs at least 3 million euros
  3. Sponsoring: NatureEco is basically a business-friendly model. Many radical eco-activists forget where their bicycle comes from and also that the hunger in the world can not be solved by organic farms in USA. We are open to all sponsorships with companies that do not only do greenwashing.

    A special opportunity currently consists of the sponsorship for the Start-up Institute and Biosphere. In addition to dedications and specific research assignments, the Biosphere can also be used to enable spatial think tanks or company offices.

Just talk to us, specifically also under