4.e Example 3: Sandra

Sandra is 32, a single parent with a 13-year-old daughter.

She works part-time in the customs office and is one of Natureeco's big job winners. Smuggling has increased sharply due to the sometimes high tariffs imposed by countries without Natureeco. In the meantime, however, it is becoming less and less, as other states are also introducing Natureeco.

Despite her part-time wishes, she had received many job offers. The recycling industry in particular is still looking for thousands of employees. In the next 5 years, even more people are expected to work in the recycling industry than in the manufacturing industry.

Privately, the challenge of a single mother has become easier. The broad mass of society has developed away from consumption to the objective of sustainability. She feels better integrated because her narrow budget plays a lesser role. Her daughter also feels more comfortable. Even before Natureeco, they could hardly afford the flight by air. Now many classmates do without it and the holidays in the area become more exciting again.