4.c Example 1: Mark

Mark has been single for 25 years, but has already inherited a small house.

He works as an IT analyst in a small business.

After the changeover to Natureeco, its financial possibilities and priorities have changed little.

He had already lived very environmentally consciously before Natureeco and only a few resource-intensive expenses.

Nevertheless, the nature of its revenue and expenditure has changed.

His salary is now significantly higher, as there is only a flat-rate head tax for everyone instead of income tax. But the property tax has become much more, as the sealing area of his house is still high. But here, too, he wants to achieve optimization with the dismantling of the old stone terrace and with lawn lattice stones.

His staples became cheaper because he had always used local food.

However, its overseas fruits became more expensive due to the higher transport costs. In the meantime, he mostly dispenses with the Argentinian beef hips in favour of local beef steaks. He opposes a general ban on meat.

Overall, he is satisfied and has more money at his disposal.

Example 2