2.d – Findings from Chapter 1 + 2

First of all, the most important prerequisites for the model have been met. The following applies:

  1. A simple ecnomic model based on nature is possible.
  2. It can map the main market participants.
  3. Dynamic processes can also be described.
  4. New insights are being gained.

Concretely from the chapters.

  1. All market participants are more or less interconnected (Chapter 1)
  2. The companies are the basis of all market participants (Chapter 1)
  3. The loss of a large market participant (e.g. oak) can change companies and cause lasting damage (Chapter 2)
  4. The fast-growing shrubs (start-ups,…) usually benefit from the large trees at the beginning, but are limited in growth or later damage the trees (Chapter 2)

    3.a The wildlife
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