2.c – Findings ?

Natureeco does not only stand for simple explanations of economic activity and the search for analogies in the environment, but rather the purpose of the model is to achieve the complete integration of the economy into nature and thus also the economic action and the control of every human being in the sense of nature.

After this introduction, which I hope to be very simple, I would therefore like to introduce the area of knowledge.

By comparing current economic activity and the analogies in the million-year-old and optimized nature, insights are generated, which we collect in this area.

Probably the reader has already thought, where are the findings that led to this model and therefore first the reference to “Why Natureeco”.

But what are the findings of the previous chapters? Can we really draw conclusions here? Certainly not scientifically correct, because we are setting up a model and moving at a much higher flight level than is necessary for evidence.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting aspects here, which we call “2.D – Want to name findings from Chapter 1 + 2.”

Findings from Chapter 1 + 2